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2022 - Bell Times

8:20-8:35 - Playground Open - Student Arrival (Please note that parents are requested to drop students off at our gates or directly to staff outside of the playground)

8:35 - Morning Bell - Instruction Begins - students arriving after this bell are considered late

10:15-10:55 - 1st Nutrition Break - All Students Stay

12:35-1:15 - 2nd Nutrition Break - Students with permission may go home

2:55 - Dismissal

Teachers are on duty at recess times and fifteen minutes prior to the morning admittance. On rainy, extra cold or very snowy days, we suggest that students arrive just prior to bell time. At dismissal times students are to go directly home and are reminded not to linger on the school premises. After they have checked in at home and been granted permission they may return to play. Please note the yard is not supervised at this time. Bus students must board the bus daily unless they have written permission to walk/bike home or the school has received confirmation that they have 'opted out' of riding the bus.