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What's New

Kindergarten Open House

Important Dates

  • May 6 Track and Field
  • May 11 WaterFest Gr.3&4
  • May 20 ELKP trip to Heartland Forest
  • May 25 - June 8 EQAO
  • May 25 - Gr. 1&2 PALS
  • May 26 Fun Fair

Welcome to Oakwood Public School!

255 Omer Avenue, Port Colborne, Ontario.

We are a community oriented school that works on developing strong ties with our neighbors. This gives us a strong sense of unity to our area and pride in being a part of Port Colborne. Our school presently serves approximately 200 students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8.

Classroom Links

Ms.Dennis LRT
Mrs. Weber-Tonos ELP
Ms. T. Mackenzie Grade 1/2
  Grade 2/3
Mr. Tonnies Grade 3/4
Mr. Hockley Grade 4/5
Mr. Bartok Grade 6/7
Mr. Wilson Grade 7/8
Mr. Summerhayes Fundimental Skills
Ms. Foster Fundimental Skills
Mrs. Crumb The Arts
Mme.Mazza French
Peter Hawkey Principal